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in Lethbridge & Medicine Hat: Marcus Mueller

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Member of the Law Society of Alberta


Marcus Mueller has been a practising criminal defence lawyer in Southern Alberta since March 2021. Originally from Winnipeg, MB, he earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Manitoba Asper School of Business, majoring in actuarial (insurance) math. Wanting to continue his career path, Mr. Mueller then attended the University of Victoria Law School and earned his Juris Doctorate in Law.

After articling at the largest criminal law firm in Canada, Mr. Mueller began practising defence law in Lethbridge, Alberta, with Michael Dietrich Law Office. He has successfully defended accused persons from a wide variety of charges, from minor matters such as shoplifting and mischief up to serious allegations such as aggravated assault, sexual assault, and attempted murder. To date, he has won many of his trials. Given his academic background in Commerce, he is uniquely adept at handling large accusations of fraud.

Mr. Mueller prides himself on his earnest, no-nonsense approach to criminal law. He strives to keep his clients informed of their circumstances and to mutually explore the legal options available to them. Criminal charges are serious matters, and the cost of incompetent defence lawyering can be immense to an accused person. Mr. Mueller is deeply aware of this.

Whether the appropriate course of action is to resolve by agreement, resolve by argument, or to run a trial, Mr. Mueller is steadfast in his dedication to his clients’ best interests.